Advice for Guys Who Wear Bras | 3 Tips

So, here is some Advice for Guys Who Wear Bras. Men wear bras for a variety of different reasons. The first thing you need to understand is that all reasons for doing so are valid. In this article, we’re not going to talk about the ‘why’ of guys wearing bras, but rather a few of the ‘how’s.

Guys who wear bras generally do so for one of two reasons. Some simply enjoy wearing women’s lingerie, but a large number must wear bras to support their swelling breast tissue. Gynecomastia (the medical term for male breast development) reportedly occurs in 15% of all adult men and is linked with the use of steroids, marijuana or medications such as antidepressants prescribed by doctors like yourself!

Whether you’re new to wearing bras or consider yourself to be a veteran, everyone can benefit from a few useful tips. So, here are three quick tips for guys who wear bras.

Get Fitted Discreetly

Just like a tailored suit, a bra needs to be a good fit on the person wearing it. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much impossible for guys to try on bras next to women in a regular department or clothing store.

Thankfully, there are some creative workarounds. If you know of a clothing store that sells bras, you could reach out to the owner or manager to explain your situation. Once they understand your situation, you could try and arrange a private session when no one else is around, so that they can help you find the ideal-fitting bra.

Advice for Guys Who Wear Bras-Shop Online

For added discretion, you could try shopping online instead. There are two things you’ll need to consider.

Firstly, it’s better to shop from sellers who provide size guides. That way, you can measure yourself at home before buying the best fitting bra they have to offer.

At the same time, you could search for sellers that have good return policies. That way, if you accidentally get a bra that’s the wrong size, you can always exchange it for the right one.

Keep Bras Invisible

Lastly, it helps to buy bras that are invisible under your daily clothing. It’s not enough to wear thicker layers. Instead, test the bras so that the straps, adjusters, and outlines aren’t visible through your clothing.

Is it OK for a man to wear a bra?

Erica Windle from ” A sophisticated Bra” says

Men who need to wear a bra are often harder and trickier to fit. For starters, all of the men I helped were in 40+ bands, which can be a tough market. Factor in that they were in the B-D cup size range, and it becomes even more difficult to find options. These men are usually budget-conscious and are interested more in comfort than anything else. Often, they want something totally smooth under clothes.

One customer had great luck finding basics at Walmart while another found some at Hanes, but I have actually recommended quite a few to the website “Woman Within” (ironic, I know) because they have a decent selection of basic, comfy wireless bras in 40+ bands and smaller cups.

Erica Windle from ” A sophisticated Bra”

For some men, surgery is the only treatment option but isn’t always possible due to medical or financial concerns. Surgery can be expensive and not universally available, so patients look for alternative treatments that are often less effective than surgery would have been

Like many women, guys who wear bras look for comfort, support and containment without having to compromise their masculinity by wearing a woman’s bra Men with over-developed breasts regularly ask me questions about my products which I’m happy to help them find answers to. Bra fitters also deal with these requests.

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