How to Make a Backless Bra

Hi guys welcome back to my channel, I got some requests to do a DIY video, see end of post, on how I made the backless bra in my previous video so I just wanted to show you guys.

It’s pretty simple you do need to know how to sew but not really need to know how to sew but you need to be careful since you’ll be using a needle.

So without further ado let’s get started.

For this tutorial you will need a bra, I’m using a black bra that I don’t really wear anymore and a pair of scissors and thumbtacks not thumbtacks of sewing pins. I think that’s what they’re called and a needle and a thread.

First you’re just gonna lay out your bra and then you’re gonna grab your straps and make sure you get a bra strap that’s long enough and it’s also adjustable because you’re gonna want it to make sure you can wrap it around underneath your arms.

So I’m just grabbing the ends right where the bra strap ends with the bra lace part and you’re just gonna cut that part off like so and then you’re going to grab the end of the other lace and then cut that part as well.

Try to cut it as close to the edge as possible, and then you’ll be left with just the little lace part so now we’re going to be doing the exact same thing on the other side and so we’re going to be cutting off a bra strap and cutting off the edge around the cup and then you’ll be luck with the bra

cups and these straps and don’t cut off

these straps off the cuffs because we definitely need that part you’re gonna bring that loose strap to the bottom of the bra up make sure there aren’t any tangles because you don’t want the bra straps to be tangled when you wear it so you kind of eyeball it and see where you want to place it and we’re gonna grab the thumb to another thumb times the

sewing pins and pin it on where you think it would work and don’t worry we’re not going to be sewing it yet because we’re gonna be trying it on later to make sure that it fits properly

Once you’ve done that then you’re gonna go ahead and try it on and just be careful because there are pins so you don’t want to poke yourself with it I am putting it on top of my clothes and I actually have a bra underneath so it’s a little bit more difficult for me but just play around with it make sure the straps aren’t twisted or anything like that and if you feel comfortable with where the straps are.

Then go ahead and take them up you’re gonna notice that I place the strap a little bit lower on the cup I realize that if I put it a little bit lower than rightward ends it kind of holds all your goodies together.

Now the fun part. If you’re happy with where the bra stitch then go ahead and just sew it on and that’s basically it now you have created your own DIY backless bra without spending a dime and you can go from this to this.

No more back straps so that is basically how I made my DIY backless bra for me it works pretty well like I said you can’t really dance in it or anything like that and no sudden movements because it will kind of move around and shift around but I have fairly small chest so it’s pretty comfortable for me and I haven’t had much problem with it.

I hope that this could help you guys as far as not showing your bra in the future if you’re wearing a low back shirts or low back dresses and enjoy the summer.

Post credit: HeyRayLee