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Best Bras for Exercising

  • By: Nicki
  • Date: July 26, 2023
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Here are some of the best bras for exercising.

Sports Bras

Finding the right sports bra is very important if you go to the gym to work out or do it at home. Exercising with an unsupportive bra can change the shape of your breasts and cause pain. The breast is devoid of bones and muscle the only supportive structure is ligaments which can easily be stretched during movement. The stretch of the ligament can cause damage to the breast tissues and structure which can be dangerous.

What sport do you need it for?

When you are looking for a sports bra you should be very clear about why you need it? It is obvious that you need it for exercising, yoga, or running but support must be varied according to your activity. If you want a bra for yoga and regular exercise then a low support bra is good for you but if you need it for running or gaming purposes then a high support bra is recommended.


The PANACHE sports wired Bra is a supportive and decent sports bra is formed by wicking material that helps you to deal with sweat. This feature has a limitation, if your boobs are really big and closely placed then you can still get sweat. The underwired design is to provide support to your breast so that they don’t move during exercise.

Wired bra

Panache sports wired bra separates your boobs to decrease the pooling. This is a low support bra, so it is best for the in-home workout, exercising, and yoga but you can become uncomfortable in long run. It is also available in the unwired form, if wire irritates you then you can choose the second option. Both variants have molded cups and are seamless.

Wider Straps

The straps of this bra are larger and wider to maximize the support. There is also adjustable clips that allow you to wear it as racerback or with two straps. Although according to experts opinion racerback is the best option for exercising. All of these incredible and supportive features of the panache sports wired bra make it best for exercising.

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