Difference between dd and e cup bra

Assuming you kept the same band size i.e and 32DD is smaller than a 32E, A DD is a cup size smaller than an E. DDD is where it gets confusing, some brands don’t do that size, at least not in the U.K., so a DDD would be equivalent to an E. Iris & Lilly … Read more

How to wear a bralette under a shirt


Looking for a way to wear your bralette under your shirt without it showing? Look no further! In this guide, we will walk you through the different ways that you can wear a bralette under a shirt and how to make sure that it is hidden from view. We will also provide some tips on … Read more

The Best Sports Bras Available on Amazon UK

There is no doubt that a good sports bra is essential for any woman who wants to stay active. Whether you are running, cycling, or just taking a walk, a sports bra can help make your workout more comfortable and enjoyable. Finding the best sports bra is not always easy but once you have found … Read more

How to wash your bra

There are a few key things to remember when washing your bra in order to keep it in good shape and make it last longer. First, be sure to use a mild detergent and lukewarm water when cleaning your bras. You should never use bleach or fabric softener, as these can damage the fabric and … Read more

10 Bra Accessories Bra Straps Bra Extenders Nipple covers

bra accessories

Why not check out our bra accessories today? We have a range of helpful bra accessories, such as straps, cups, and extenders to help make you look great. Where can you find bra accessories for your bra? Best Bra has everything you need to make sure that your bra is in perfect condition. We have … Read more

How to smuggle your booze into venues – Bra with hidden alcohol

There are plenty of ways to sneak alcohol once you know where to look! We’ve got you covered wherever you want to hide it. Are you sick of paying for expensive drinks and waiting in long queues to get them? These products are specifically designed to show you ways to sneak alcohol into anywhere and keep your … Read more

How do I get rid of the gap in my bra?

Gaping at the top of a bra usually means that your size is too big. However, it could also be due to how you are wearing it and what type of breasts have caused this problem in the first place. If there’s space between all four hooks on both straps or just one shoulder strap … Read more

What is a plunge bra?

A plunge br A plunge bra supports the bust from the centre of the cups and pushes the breasts together. These bra styles under tops with a low-cut neckline they create a great cleavage . A plunge bra works best for women with small breasts so if you have small breasts then this is the style … Read more

How to whiten bras Get your bra white again

how to whiten your bra

White bras are very high maintenance as sweat changes the colour of the material. It is so important that your bra is considered your underwear alternative. All women can choose a different underwear and a few things. Some enjoy a selection of elegant sets while others prefer simple bra pieces (black white and beige) and … Read more