What is a plunge bra?

A plunge bra can give you a great cleavage and works best for women with small breasts. If you have small breasts then this is the style for you! What is the difference between balcony and plunge bras? A balcony bra has cups that sit further apart and sits higher on the breasts, whereas a … Read more

How to whiten bras – Get white bras white again

how to whiten your bra

White bras are very high maintenance as sweat changes the colour of the material. It is so important that your bra is considered your underwear alternative. All women can choose a different underwear and a few things. Some enjoy a selection of elegant sets while others prefer simple bra pieces (black white and beige) and … Read more

What is the shelf life of a bra?

shelf life of a Bra

On average the shelf life of a bra is about 8 months. It turns out bras that are worn even once a week have a relatively short shelf life. You might not know this, but your bra has an expiration date! The lifespan of the average undergarment is roughly eight months and after that time … Read more

What type of bra you should wear under a Kurti


The type of bra you wear with a Kurti will depend on what kind of Kurti you’re wearing. If it’s an off-shoulder or spaghetti strap, then a strapless bra is best. For all other types, go for a full coverage bra such as the T-Shirt Bra that comes in many different colors to suit your … Read more

How often should you wash your bra?

how often should you wash your bra

How often should you wash your bra is a question that many women have asked, and it is a good one. After all, the rest of your clothes gets washed regularly even if they were worn only once or twice. So why do we wear our bras so much more often? And just how dirty … Read more

Why do my Bra straps keep falling down

stop bra straps falling down

Your Bra straps keep falling down because the strap has lost its elasticity. You can solve this problem by first restoring the elasticity of the strapless and then making it stronger so that it does not fall down again. Wash your bra without softener in the washing machine at 40 degrees with a light-colored article … Read more

Best bra for intertrigo

Here we will help you with the best bra for intertrigo. The best bras for Intertigo are those that are lightweight, breathable, and soft Bras with underwire can cause irritation to the skin of people suffering from Intertigo Bras should be tight enough so they don’t slip around or ride up but not so tight … Read more

Extra-large bras for women

Extra-large bras for women

Here are some extra-large bras for women. [amazon bestseller=”plus size bras”] A large bust like yours is not easy to fit into a sexy strapless or backless dress. Finding a perfect extra-large bra for women with big breasts can be quite difficult, considering the fact that most of these specialty bras are made to cater … Read more

Which is the best nursing pillow?

The best nursing pillow is. 1. Leachco Back ‘N Belly nursing pillow The Leachco Back ‘N Belly nursing pillow is the top nursing pillow because of its unique shape that gives mothers full support throughout breastfeeding sessions. Another benefit to this nursing pillow is its firmness which keeps the baby in place for comfort and … Read more