What bra to wear with cami top

Here is some help with bras to wear with a cami top or camisole. A camisole top is a great item for your wardrobe.

It can be worn layered under other tops or just on its own. Whatever you choose to wear it with, there’s one thing that may make you think twice about wearing it at all – the bra lines.

When wearing a cami top without a bra many women opt out of wearing it altogether because they feel their bras are visible through the thin fabric.

But fear not! There are some simple solutions to this conundrum. Here are some bestsellers for you.

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Put Your Best Bra Forward

If you’re going to wear a cami top what would be the best bra to wear? The first step in making sure your bras aren’t seen through your cami is to make sure they aren’t seen at all.

If you have a bra without padding, go with smooth, seamless bras that hug the body without adding bulk and are not too bulky against the fabric of your top or underneath it.

If you must wear a padded bra, choose one that’s thin or light and preferably has seams sewn into it. Also, remember that padded bras generally add less bulk than underwire styles do – if you’re still worried about being able to see your bra line try going for an underwired style (like those from Wacoal) that hugs the breasts closely together rather than using pads on the inside of the cup or foam cups.

Choose Your Top Wisely Too

While some cami tops are thinner than others, they’re all made of a stretchy knit fabric that will show your bra underneath it.

If you want to make sure your bras aren’t seen through the fabric you’re wearing then choose tops and sweaters that have more relaxed fits; ones that wrap around and drape over the body rather than hugging it closely.

Though this advice only applies if you’re worried about being able to see your bra under your top – smoother fitting clothes generally allow for simpler dressing overall so consider opting for looser clothing even if you don’t feel self-conscious in tight clothing.