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Extra-large bras for women

  • By: Nicki
  • Date: July 26, 2023
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Here are some extra-large bras for women.

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A large bust like yours is not easy to fit into a sexy strapless or backless dress. Finding a perfect extra-large bra for women with big breasts can be quite difficult, considering the fact that most of these specialty bras are made to cater to much smaller sizes up and cup sizes down. Some may even tell you that your bra size is impossible to find in stores. Not so! The following guide will help you look for an attractive, supportive, and comfortable plus-sized bra that will keep your girls under control without having them pop from the top or sides of your outfit.

What You Need To Look For When Buying An Extra Large Bra:

1) Comfort

This should be your first consideration when buying an extra-large bra or any other lingerie for that matter. You want to feel comfortable, and you should not experience any pain during the day because of your bra’s design, its straps, and how it fits you around the back.

2) Longevity

Find out if the bra comes with a warranty in case something breaks or wears down after much use. An extra-large bra is supposed to be used on a daily basis, so you don’t want one that is going to fall apart in less than 6 months.

3) Sizing

Make sure you are buying an extra-large bra that has adjustable straps (for added comfort) as well as easily adjustable hooks at the back so you can tighten it when needed without having to remove it entirely or ask for help.

4) Positioning and Fit

Ideally, you want your bra to fit with your breasts centered in the cups and not push them over the top or sides of it. You would also prefer that no breast tissue is sticking out at any point throughout the day.

5) Lift Support

The last thing you want is a plus-size bra that will allow your bosom to sag all day long! If you are going to buy an extra-large bra, make sure it offers plenty of support so your bust can look its best in various types of clothing. Some women choose to wear a backless dress or even a strapless one when they do not have access to enough large bras for sale. With such provocative outfits, nobody should be able to tell that your “girls are going south”.

6) Style and Comfort

You don’t want an extra-large bra that will show if you wear a dress of an appropriate length. If it goes beyond your hips, find out how uncomfortable it is against your legs every time you walk or bend down. You should also check out the color and pattern options for this size before buying one so that you can get one in a style and color combination that matches the rest of your wardrobe.

7) Color Options

Finally, make sure you have enough colors to choose from when shopping at online stores or brick-and-mortar lingerie shops. Going with black everyday may not be ideal for every plus-size woman, so make sure to go with bold hues from time to time too!


Is a DDD bra bigger than an F?

After D you can either go up to DD(Double D) or its equivalent E, DDD(Triple D) is the next cup size which turns to be the equivalent of F. Once you hit F/DDD you continue to go up letters like what was done before.

Is DDD bigger than DD?

In reality, the size difference between D and DD with the same band size is 1”, the same measurement difference as between an A cup and a B cup, a B cup and a C cup, a C cup and a D cup.

What’s the biggest possible bra size?

The biggest possible bra size is a ZZZ cup.

Is DDD an F?

Double D, Double E, DD EE are all the same thing. If you just say F when a woman asks “what cup size are you?” she will know what you mean. If you say DDD that could be interpreted to mean “Double Double D” which is not correct.

How much does a DDD cup breast weigh?

A DDD breast weighs approximately 15 pounds.

Is 38D a large or XL?

38D is the same as XL.

What race has the biggest breast size?

The race with the largest breast size on average is African American, followed by Native Indian. Asian and Caucasian women have the smallest breast sizes on average.

Is G cup size big?

The G-cup bra is by far the largest size of any bra that you can buy in most department stores, and it’s very rare to find G cup bras in specialty stores.

But that doesn’t mean that the G-cup bra is gigantic or looks outrageous – as long as you have the right band size, it will look like a natural and flattering enhancement of your cleavage.

A properly fitting G-cup bra, whether you’re a DD (US size) or an F (UK size), will give you your greatest amount of support and lift.

Which cup size is bigger B or C?

A properly fitted C-cup will be slightly bigger and have more volume than a B cup.

How much do size F cups weigh?

The average weight of a size F cup is 14 pounds.

What is the average bra size for a 13 to 14-year-old?

The average bra size for a 13 to 14-year-old is an A-Cup.

What does plunge bra mean?

A bra that is called a plunge bra has a lower front than a normal bra. This can be done by either making the underwire thinner, having less material in the lower part of the cup, or both.

This is done to give a more revealing cleavage and some bras don’t even have underwire in the lower part of the cup.

What cup size is 250cc?      

The cup size 250cc is a D-cup.

What does “plus size bras mean”?

A bra designated as plus-size has a band size of 40 and up, and/or cups that are D-cup or larger.

Can I buy plus-size bras on amazon?    

Yes, you can buy plus-size bras on Amazon.

Is an underwire bra necessary for large breasts?

An underwire bra is not necessary for large breasts. However, an underwire bra can help your breast tissue stay lifted and in place all day.    

Should plus-size bras have adjustable straps?

Plus-size bras with adjustable straps give you the ability to adjust the length of the strap. This will help the bra to fit you better and stay in place.    

What size bra am I?

If you want to know what bra size you are most likely, simply allow your bust to relax and measure around the fullest part of your bust. Your band size is usually one inch larger than that measurement.    

Where can I find the best plus-size bra?

If you want to buy a plus-size bra, it can be a challenge. You need to know that most department stores don’t sell full-figure bras. Instead, you need to shop at specialty stores that sell plus-size bras.    

Can I get a back-smoothing bra if I am a plus size?

If you are a plus size, you should be able to find a back-smoothing bra that works for your needs. Whether this means making the back of a regular bra lower or getting an underwire-free bra that just has silicone grippers to help keep your breasts in place.

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