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What is the best bra for back pain?

  • By: Nicki
  • Date: July 26, 2023
  • Time to read: 2 min.

The professional piece of advice given to many women with back pain and large breasts is to wear the full-back support bra. According to some studies, 70 out of 100 women are wearing the wrong size bra. Wearing the wrong size or not full fitted undergarments can lead to muscle tightening and pain, dysfunction of the upper segment of the vertebral column, stress on abdominal muscle which causes difficulty in breathing and compression of the rib cage.

A properly fitted full-back support bra can help you to fight against back pain, muscle stress, and difficulty in breathing. There are many reasons for back pain in women, but most commonly it is thought that a large size breasts cause neck and back pain. A good quality, back supports bra helps decrease the stress from the shoulders and back and eventually cure the chronic pain naturally. Here is the best bra with full-back support that will help you with back pain.


Delimira full-back support bra is the bra with X-Shaped back and front closer that supports your shoulders and back. This bra is most likely to work as a posture bra with its X-shaped support at the back, which provides reinforcement to your back and amends your posture. The racerback style of this bra forces your shoulder blades in a backward direction, so you are not droopy even if you are tired.

The front closer feature of this bra is also very helpful to women with big breasts size. These women cannot move their arms much to close the bra from the backside and eventually ends up hurting their backs. The front closer also separates the support of cups, they are wire-free and not padded. This provides full coverage and comfort to women. 

Moreover, the delimira full-back support bra also provides adjustability options. You can adjust the hooks to three possible positions, it will provide you with perfect fit shape. There is a special feature of this bra that differentiates it from others – it provides simultaneous reinforcement to the shoulders and back. It works on your shoulders and back to straighten them up and, eventually, prevent back pain.

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