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  • By: Nicki
  • Date: July 26, 2023
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Here are the 10 best sports bras. They are the best sellers available from Amazon

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A sports bra is a bra that provides support for women during physical activity. Sports bras are designed to reduce movement of the breasts, prevent chafing and skin irritation, minimize breast pain caused by exercise, and help avoid injuries such as black eyes (and worse) due to breast movement during physical activity.

They do this by reducing jiggling and bouncing.

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The features of good sports bras include:

1. Minimizing breast movement while providing a secure fit

2. Preventing maximum loss of elasticity in breasts after being physically active

3. A design that provides comfort with breathable material, like cotton or Lycra, which wicks away moisture from the skin to maintain freshness

3.1 Enough coverage to minimize the appearance of cleavage

4. Breathable fabric and wide straps that don’t dig into the skin or shoulders; they should not flap around during exercise

5. Compression without discomfort, to help minimize breast movement and maximize support for the wearer

6. Support from a wide band that wraps closely around the torso to prevent side-to-side breast movement

7. A built in shelf bra for less bounce during high impact activities like running, jumping and aerobics, but is removable if you prefer more emphasis on upper curves

8. Racerback styles which allow freedom of arm movement while preventing your breasts from moving too much in other directions; this style also helps keep bras from riding up in back when you are lifting your arms over your head or during other movements

9. Bra sizing that is based on a woman’s Full Bust Measurement (FBM) which considers how much extra support is needed for breasts in sports bras, not just the band size and cup size of a bra; sizes typically range from 32-38 A to 38 E or F

10. Support for women with large busts, as the larger cup styles can accommodate breast tissue without flattening out fullness

11. Sports bras that don’t show through shirts, making them good options for wearing under T-shirts or thin jerseys while you are running errands or doing chores around the house

12. Built-in clips at the back of many bras to hold excess fabric while exercising in hot weather, to help keep you cool and prevent chafing

13. Sports bras that are easy to convert from racerback to halter styles or other styles that allow extra neck support during exercise

14. Double layered fabric and cups for modesty under thin clothing; this is ideal for yoga or Pilates where form-fitting clothing may be worn

15. Wider straps so they don’t dig into the shoulders when exercising; a U-shaped front design helps prevent the bra from showing below V-neck shirts and doesn’t dig into your skin

16. A comfortable band of at least 3 inches in width, minimizing pressure on the ribs and keeping it secure without feeling too tight; use both hands with fingers pointing outwards to make sure there is enough room between your chest and the bra for 2 fingers to fit between

17. Adjustable straps for a customizable fit, which is especially useful for women with sloping shoulders, breasts that are not quite even in size, and women who regularly wear downsized bras

18. A snug fit so it won’t ride up when you raise your arms over your head

19. A removable cup insert for exercising in hot, humid weather and going to the pool or beach

20. A comfortable fit that doesn’t restrict breathing, especially when exercising in cold weather and you’re wearing a thick layer of clothing

21. Sturdy enough to protect you from injury during high impact sports, such as basketball and running, but not stiff or rigid like some running bras

22. A design that won’t show through your T-shirt

23. Padding for modesty and to maintain a smooth look under clothing

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