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How to choose the right fabrics for your bras

  • By: Nicki
  • Date: August 15, 2023
  • Time to read: 2 min.

The bra cups should be made of a fabric that allows little to no movement in order to contain and shape the breasts.

You’re looking for cup material that’s smooth, thin, and robust since you want support as well as mobility when wearing your clothes over the bra.

You’ll also want a soft, washable fabric.

Nylon, polyester, cotton, Spandex, and silk are some of the most common fabric types used in bra cups. Bra materials are usually tricot or raschel knit fabrics.

Luxury lingerie is made from woven fabrics such as stretch silk charmeuse (silk with Spandex), as is 100 percent silk.

1. Determine your breast size

2. Find the right fabric for your needs – lace, spandex, cotton, etc.

3. Consider what you’ll be wearing with the bra – if it’s a bathing suit cover up or tank top then you might want to avoid lace and opt for something more solid like cotton

4. Get fitted at a clothing store before purchasing online so that you know what size will fit best 

5) If possible, try on bras in different colors and patterns to find one that suits your style tastes 

6) Purchase an underwire bra if there is any chance of spillage from cups (i.e., larger breasts) as they are designed to keep everything tucked in place 

7) Invest in quality bras rather than cheap ones because they last longer and are worth the investment over time 

8 ) Try out different styles of bras such as t-shirt bras or racerback styles because each have their own benefits depending on what type of clothing you wear most often

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