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Common health issues related to an underwired bra

  • By: Nicki
  • Date: July 26, 2023
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Every woman has at least one underwire bra in her closet. Every woman wants to look stunning while going on a special occasion and an underwire bra helps her. Many theories define many health issues related to underwire bra but still, there is no medical proof of it.

You see many posts claiming that underwired bras cause breast cancer but there is no medical proof of this statement so consider it a myth. Underwired bras are pretty and elegant but there are some health issues of underwire bra you should know.

Skin problems

Underwired bras cause many skin problems like irritation, redness, puncture, contact dermatitis, etc. This all is because the underwire dig in your skin. The poorly fitted bra does the same with your skin. Most of the time underwired bra stabbed your skin. Due to exercising, dancing or workout the wire may come out and pierce your skin which causes contact dermatitis. Moreover, with the continuous use of an underwire bra, the covering becomes thin and allows the wire to rub against your skin.

Blocked milk ducts

The underside bra may be problematic for nursing mothers. Underwire bra can block your milk ducts and make great feeding difficult for you. When your milk ducts are blocked there is a pooling of milk in your breast which leads to mastitis. Mastitis is very painful and required proper timely treatment with antibiotics as defined by Center of Disease Control and Prevention. During the nursing time, all you need is a well-supportive nursing bra like Motherhood Maternity Women’s front wrap bra.

Neck and shoulder pain

Many women claim that underside bra cause neck and shoulder pain. Women who are blessed with large breasts have more strain on their shoulders and neck. All the weight of your breast is carried by the muscle of the neck, back, and shoulder. You may seek an underwire bra for some extra support and lift but end up with more pain. It is because of the digging of wire into your skin and straps cutting your shoulders badly.

Alternatives to an underwired bras

When you go to a mall you will find hundreds of options to choose then why you end up choosing an underwire bra? If you need more support and lift you can go for a supports bra-like Hanes sports women’s racerback bra. Hanes sports women’s racerback bra is designed to give you comfort and support. It is wire-free and seamless so it causes no health-related problem. Moreover, you have another good option of Fruit of Loom Women’s Front Closure Bra. This bra provides full coverage with maximum support. The racerback design keeps the straps in place and gives you the support you want through the bust. The front hook and eye closure add more comfort because it makes the bra easy to wear and takes off. It gives you a wide range of movement because the fabric is flexible and stretchable.

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