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Should you wear a bra after breast lymph node removal?

Lumpectomy is a surgical excision used to remove a lesion that is at high risk of being cancer. Your healthcare provider checks whether the lesion is malignant or benign. Not all lesions or tumors are cancerous some are benign. The lymph node removal surgery is called lumpectomy.

According to center of disease control and prevention, in a lumpectomy procedure, the lymph node is removed with some surrounding tissue. Here you will find a complete guide on wearing a bra after lymph mode removal.

What should you wear right after lymph node removal?

In the first week after a lumpectomy, you cannot wear a normal bra because it can cause pain and swelling. After surgery your breast are sore and drains will be in place – wearing a normal bra can irritate your wounds and skin.

You should wear a surgical bra that puts proper pressure on your wound and helps them to heal. You have to wear a bra for 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Post-surgical camisoles are also a good option for you if you feel redness and more sensitivity in your chest area. A post-surgical camisole is made up of soft material that doesn’t irritate your skin. It is seamless and has a drain to give you comfort. 

What should you wear after the removal of the breast drain?

In this time your wounds need to heal fast so a compression bra will best work for you. Some women wear a casual bra this time – this is also okay if you feel that your bra will not irritate your skin or make you uncomfortable.

A compression bra will put pressure on your wound and help to give a proper shape and position to your breast after lymph node removal surgery. It also faster your healing process and reduce inflammation.

The brilliant contour compression bra

This bra is considered one of the best compression bra to wear after any kind of breast surgery. It is designed to keep everything firmly in place. Brilliant contour compression bra control swelling, fasten healing, reduce back pain, and greatly improve your results after breast surgery (lumpectomy). This bra is designed to avoid any type of irritation and rubbing to provide you comfort and safe recovery. It has full zip front closure to provide you ease in wearing it.

What should you wear after six weeks of lymph node removal surgery?

At this time your breast can be still swollen and painful. At this time you can change your bra but it should be well fitted. You can seek help from the trained bra fitter, he will help you in measuring your accurate breast size. Your bra should have some key feature that will allow you comfort and a safe recovery.

  • Underwire free design 
  • Seamless 
  • Wide understand
  • Front zipper 
  • Padded and adjustable straps

You can also ask your surgeon about the complete guide of wearing a bra after lymph node removal surgery. Most surgeons recommend the same bra with the same features as mentioned in this article.