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What are the health effects of going braless?

Most women have many health concerns related to wearing a bra. Some of the women think that going braless will negatively affect your posture and body shape. It is a wrong concept – going braless has no side effects on your body or breast.

However, if you are not wearing a bra for a long time then you will see some negative effects like sagging of the breast.

Myths about going braless

There are many conflicts regarding wearing a bra or not. Most of the reports are without any evidence and considered as myths by experts. Here you will clear your myths about going braless.

Going braless makes your breast saggy

There is no medical evidence available that proves going braless causes your breast to sag. Bra indeed gives support to your breast but without a bra, your breasts wouldn’t sag. Many other factors contributed to the sagging of breasts like genetics, aging, size, or weight of the breast.

Going braless will cause back pain

According to The Institute of Osteopathy, a large breast is the leading cause of structural changes and back pain. Going braless is not a cause of your back pain, it is the large size of your breast that causes musculoskeletal pain in the upper back and shoulders.

Going braless reduces the risk of breast cancer

This is another myth related to going braless. It is considered that bra affects the normal lymphatic drainage and causes breast cancer while going braless reduces the risk of getting breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, there is no connection between bra and breast cancer.

Benefits of going braless

Every woman love taking their bras off after the whole day long. Bras put pressure on your breast and sometimes sore them. Having no bra on is the most comfortable feeling for every woman. There are some stellar benefits of going braless as follows:

You feel comfortable all day long

When you are free of straps that digging your shoulder, hooks that digging on your back, and bras that come with padded cups you feel comfortable all day long. If you can’t go braless due to large breasts then you can go for a better bra that is made up of soft fabricc like Hanes Women Comfort Evolution Bra.

Your blood circulation improves

Going braless will improve your blood flow or circulation around your breast and chest area which helps in tissue building and firming of skin. The pressure put by a bra on your breast will greatly affect the blood circulation of your breast skin.

Improved breast shape

Most of the women think that going braless will cause breast sagging as mentioned above but it is completely wrong. Going braless allows your breast tissue to grow more rapidly and become larger. It gives roam to your breast to grow. Moreover, your muscle will naturally adapt to give support to the breast and avoid sagging.