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What kind of bra you should wear after mastopexy?

According to information in National Library of Medicine, Mastopexy is the extensive rearrangement of skin, fat, and breast tissue. When a woman goes for mastopexy (breast lift) her expectations regarding results are high. Most of the women get the same result as they want but they have to go through different conditions during the recovery process.

When you get a breast lift surgery your surgeons advise you to wear a post-surgical compression bra. Here you will find some important things you need to know about mastopexy and the bra you should wear after mastopexy.

What happens after mastopexy?

The post-surgical effects after mastopexy are almost the same for all women. First, you feel pain for few weeks that can be reduced by proper medication. The skin and muscle of the breast and around the breast are tensed and tender.

Your breast remains swell for a few weeks after the surgery. Few days after your mastopexy you can wear a compression bra to fasten the healing process. You have to wear the compression bra for about six weeks.

Why do you need a compression bra?

Most of the surgeons after mastopexy advise wearing a compression bra to enhance your healing process and give the desired shape to your breast. You feel very uncomfortable after breast lift surgery and face issues while body movement. A compression bra helps to move you more easily and comfortably. Moreover, a compression bra puts pressure on your wound that helps them to heal and reduce inflammation. It reduces swelling and helps your tissues to get their final position.

What bra should you wear after mastopexy?

As soon as your surgery is done you see yourself in a surgical bra that you have to wear for few days. After one week you can buy a compression bra for yourself.

According to National Library of Medicine, the surgeon will make 1 to 3 incisions in your breast, this wound needs pressure (you get from compression bra) to control inflammation and speed up the healing process. Here you will her best compression bra according to experts choice.

Bafully recovery adjustable compression bra

Bafully design this bra to gives you comfort and support in every step during your recovery. It has a front closure and seamless support so that you can wear it all day long without compromising your comfort. Bafully recovery adjustable compression bra has wire-free support that keeps the bra in place and allows you the freedom to move in all directions.

It has adjustable front closure and straps so that you can wear it easily without lifting your arms which might cause pain after mastopexy.